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Meet The Bombardier

I share my name with the legendary cask ale: Bombardier. It has a fine head, lovely body and it's damned tasty.

Just like me!

In Memory Of
Rik Mayall
William Bedford

Bombardier Beer

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The Brewing Process

How the most awarded beer in history is made

Wells and Young's

An English Hero
In 1875, my old mate Charles Wells returned to Bedford after 20 years at sea. He was a loyal sailor with a distinguished career...


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The cool, copper hued delicacy of Bedford that tastes as good as I look.

Bombardier is an iconic real beer loaded with distinct English brilliance. Like me, it's the epitome of impeccable taste and great character. The rich, full-bodied nectar is a lingering reward for the ol' tonsils.


Bombardier practically marches up to the doors of taste and boots them in. This triple gold medal winning real ale combines peppery aromas with the perfect balance of malty richness, tangy hops and sultana fruit on the palate; with a long, soft, spicy finish. Spicy and fruity…Bang On!.


Alcohol: 4.1% Vol.
A perfectly pulled pint of Bombardier is an an exquisite fine English delicacy to be savoured.
This supreme premium bitter is available in two traditional cask sizes. Like me, I trust you'll find both the Kilderkin and Firkin tasty.


Alcohol: 4.7% Vol.
Bombardier tastes splendid when served from a perfect amber 500 ml bottle fashioned by English craftsmen, better still, get your hands on 4 or 8 of these ample beauties, presented in trusty man sized cases.


Alcohol 4.3% Vol.
Bombardier is available in 500ml cans. No fridge is complete without a couple of heaving shelves of this magnificent English real ale, some roast beef sandwiches and a trifle.